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Mif2Go User's Guide, Version 55


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Made with Mif2Go

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1 Getting started with Mif2Go

Figure 1-1 Mif2Go conversion process

2 Planning a conversion project

(No illustrations)

3 Converting a book or document

Figure 3-1 Choose Project dialog

Figure 3-2 Import FrameMaker Template

Figure 3-3 Convert variables to text

Figure 3-4 Include generated files

Figure 3-5 Mif2Go Export dialog

4 Editing configuration files

(No illustrations)

5 Setting basic conversion options

(No illustrations)

6 Converting to print RTF

Figure 6-1 Set Up Print RTF Project

7 Producing on-line Help

(No illustrations)

8 Generating WinHelp

Figure 8-1 Set Up WinHelp Project

9 Generating Microsoft HTML Help

Figure 9-1 Set Up MS HTML Help Project

Figure 9-2 HTML Help Workshop Project tab

Figure 9-3 HTML Help Workshop Window Types

10 Generating OmniHelp

Figure 10-1 Set Up OmniHelp Project

11 Generating JavaHelp or Oracle Help

Figure 11-1 Set Up Java Help Project

12 Generating Eclipse Help

Figure 12-1 Set Up Eclipse Help Project

13 Converting to HTML/XHTML

Figure 13-1 Set Up HTML/XML Project

Figure 13-2 RGB color 0099CC

Figure 13-3 Made with Mif2Go

14 Converting to generic XML

(No illustrations)

15 Converting to DITA XML

Figure 15-1 Set Up DITA Project

16 Configuring DITA maps

(No illustrations)

17 Converting to DocBook XML

Figure 17-1 Set Up DocBook Project

18 Splitting and extracting files

Figure 18-1 Splitting a file

Figure 18-2 Extracting a file

19 Creating HTML links

(No illustrations)

20 Providing navigation in HTML

Figure 20-1 Positions of files in

21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML

(No illustrations)

22 Setting up CSS for HTML

Figure 22-1 CSS set-up options

23 Including graphics in HTML

(No illustrations)

24 Converting tables to HTML

(No illustrations)

25 Generating WAI markup for HTML

Figure 25-1 TableSummary marker

26 Identifying HTML table structure for WAI

(No illustrations)

27 Marking HTML table cells for WAI

Figure 27-1 Extent of row and column groups

Figure 27-2 Extent of column and row spans

Figure 27-3 Extent of column and row IDs

28 Working with macros

(No illustrations)

29 Working with FrameMaker markers

(No illustrations)

30 Working with templates

(No illustrations)

31 Working with graphics

Figure 31-1 FrameMaker 7+ Object Attributes dialog

32 Working with content models

(No illustrations)

33 Overriding configuration settings

(No illustrations)

34 Automating Mif2Go conversions

Figure 34-1 Defining character format Popup

Figure 34-2 Defining a character format for pop-up hotspots

Figure 34-3 Pop-up hotspot in WinHelp

Figure 34-4 Edit User Variable dialog

35 Producing deliverable results

(No illustrations)

36 Converting via runfm

(No illustrations)

37 Converting via DCL

(No illustrations)

38 Generating intermediate output

Figure 38-1 Set Up FrameMaker MIF Project

Figure 38-2 Set Up ASCII DCL Project

A WAI marker library for HTML

Figure A-1 Primary travel method in near future

B Distribution files

(No illustrations)

C Document and conversion files

(No illustrations)

D Technical support for Mif2Go

(No illustrations)

E DITA <bookmeta> template

(No illustrations)

F Content model configuration

(No illustrations)

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