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> 36 Converting via runfm

36 Converting via runfm

Omni Systems runfm is an asynchronous FDK client for FrameMaker version 6.0 and above. Use runfm to run one or a series of unattended Mif2Go conversions from outside FrameMaker. This section shows you how.

Note:  Unattended conversions are meant for production use, where the process has first been worked out interactively. To use runfm, you must have Mif2Go installed, and you may need Windows administrator privileges.

In this section:

§36.1 Designing a project for unattended operation

§36.2 Setting up FrameMaker for unattended operation

§36.3 Understanding runfm command-line syntax

§36.4 Using runfm for Mif2Go conversions

§36.5 Troubleshooting runfm processes

§36.6 Comparing runfm with the DCL command-line filter

§36.7 Operating runfm across a network

§36.8 Using runfm for other FrameMaker plug-ins

See also:

§34 Automating Mif2Go conversions

§35 Producing deliverable results

§37 Converting via DCL

> 36 Converting via runfm