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35 Producing deliverable results > 35.13 Postprocessing separately from converting

35.13 Postprocessing separately from converting

If you have already converted a document and the results are still in the project directory, you can have Mif2Go carry out postprocessing steps without going through the entire conversion again. These steps can include:

compiling for WinHelp or HTML Help

running a search indexer and creating a JAR file for JavaHelp or Oracle Help

any of the automation options available when you set WrapAndShip=Yes (see §35.2 Activating and logging production of deliverables) except CopyOriginalGraphics; see §35.7.1 Copying referenced graphics to a distribution directory.

To postprocess conversion results independently of conversion:



; OnlyAuto = No (default) or Yes (run only automation commands,

; rather than the full conversion)

OnlyAuto = Yes

When OnlyAuto=Yes, Mif2Go processes options specified in the [Automation] section of the configuration file, without first performing any document conversion.

Note:  Commands assigned to SystemStartCommand are not run when OnlyAuto=Yes; see §34.4 Executing operating-system commands.

OnlyAuto=Yes takes effect only when at least one of the following is true:



A value is specified for FTSCommand (for JavaHelp or Oracle Help output) or for JARCommand (for JavaHelp).

When OnlyAuto=No, Mif2Go runs the conversion before processing options specified in the [Automation] section.

Compilation is included for WinHelp, HTML Help

If the output type is WinHelp or HTML Help and you set CompileHelp=Yes (or you check Compile Help on the Export dialog), Mif2Go runs the appropriate compiler before placing the deliverable(s) in a shipping directory; see §35.10 Gathering and processing Help-system files.

Note:  If you set CompileHelp=No when OnlyAuto=Yes (because you compiled your Help system in a previous run), be sure to set EmptyWrapPath=No; otherwise, your compiled Help system will be swept away before anything else happens.

Indexing search terms is included for JavaHelp, Oracle Help

If the output type is JavaHelp or Oracle Help and you specify a value for FTSCommand in the configuration file, Mif2Go runs the designated indexer before archiving the deliverables and placing them in a shipping directory; see §11.5 Providing full-text search for JavaHelp / Oracle Help.


35 Producing deliverable results > 35.13 Postprocessing separately from converting