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> 35 Producing deliverable results

35 Producing deliverable results

Mif2Go can automatically handle a certain amount of pre- and post-conversion processing to prepare deliverables. This section describes the steps you can automate. Topics include:

§35.1 Understanding Mif2Go pre- and post-processing

§35.2 Activating and logging production of deliverables

§35.3 Understanding path values for deliverables

§35.4 Clearing out old files before converting

§35.5 Gathering additional files before converting

§35.6 Assembling files for distribution

§35.7 Placing graphics files for distribution

§35.8 Placing CSS or XSL files for assembly

§35.9 Gathering files for an HTML project: an example

§35.10 Gathering and processing Help-system files

§35.11 Archiving deliverables

§35.12 Placing deliverables in a shipping directory

§35.13 Postprocessing separately from converting

See also:

§34 Automating Mif2Go conversions

> 35 Producing deliverable results