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35 Producing deliverable results > 35.5 Gathering additional files before converting

35.5 Gathering additional files before converting

For safety, or for sharing with other writers, you might keep copies of ancillary files in a location other than the project directory. You can have Mif2Go copy those files into the project directory before beginning a conversion.

To copy files into the project directory:


; CopyBeforeFrom = path to directory containing files to add to the

; project directory before processing. For example:

CopyBeforeFrom = ..\..\keepers

; CopyBeforeFiles = list of files to copy from CopyBeforeFrom

; to the project directory, separated by spaces, wildcards and

; paths (relative and absolute) allowed, no spaces within an

; item, default is no files

CopyBeforeFiles = *.ini

You can specify either an absolute path or a path relative to the project directory for CopyBeforeFrom. If the path contains spaces, you must enclose it in quotes.

CopyBeforeFiles lists the files to copy from the CopyBeforeFrom directory to your project directory. Files are copied after any pre-conversion actions that delete files from the project directory; see §35.4 Clearing out old files before converting.

The file specifications you assign to CopyBeforeFiles must be separated by spaces, but no spaces are allowed within a file specification. You can use wildcards in file specifications. File specifications can include absolute or relative paths to indicate where files should be copied from; the default is from the CopyBeforeFrom directory, and relative paths are relative to the CopyBeforeFrom directory. The destination is always the project directory

See also:

§35.6.6 Listing extracurricular files to put in the wrap directory

35 Producing deliverable results > 35.5 Gathering additional files before converting