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> 34 Automating Mif2Go conversions

34 Automating Mif2Go conversions

Mif2Go supports several techniques for single-sourcing FrameMaker documents, and for automating conversion workflow. This section includes the following topics:

§34.1 Preparing documents for single-sourcing

§34.2 Converting a single chapter of a book

§34.3 Considering ways to automate conversions

§34.4 Executing operating-system commands

§34.5 Supplying run-time values for user variables

§34.6 Supporting document review in Word

§34.7 Converting autonumbers for database systems

§34.8 Renaming output files for automated systems

See also:

§35 Producing deliverable results

§36 Converting via runfm

§37 Converting via DCL

§38 Generating intermediate output

> 34 Automating Mif2Go conversions