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> 37 Converting via DCL

37 Converting via DCL

Conversion from a command line, using the DCL (Document Coding Language) filter, is intended for programmers adding Mif2Go to automated build systems. DCL is run separately from FrameMaker; the DCL filter operates only on FrameMaker MIF (Maker Interchange Format) files.

Note:  If any graphics are embedded in your document, or if any graphics contain FrameMaker vector elements (such as callouts); or if your FrameMaker files are binary rather than MIF; Mif2Go must be run from within FrameMaker. See §34.3 Considering ways to automate conversions.

This section shows how to operate the Mif2Go DCL filter. Topics include:

§37.1 How the DCL filter works

§37.2 Using the DCL filter

§37.3 DCL command-line syntax

§37.4 Command-line examples

§37.5 Converting in multiple steps via DCL

§37.6 Specifying output file paths and names

§37.7 About DCL technology

See also:

§36 Converting via runfm

§38 Generating intermediate output

> 37 Converting via DCL