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> 7 Producing on-line Help

7 Producing on-line Help

You can use Mif2Go to generate various forms of on-line Help. Special settings are available for Microsoft Windows Help (WinHelp), Microsoft HTML Help, OmniHelp, Oracle Help for Java, and JavaHelp. This section addresses issues that are common to most or all Help systems. Topics covered:

§7.1 Weighing Help-system alternatives

§7.2 Setting up a Help system project

§7.3 Producing contents and index for Help systems

§7.4 Configuring contents entries for Help systems

§7.5 Configuring index entries for Help systems

§7.6 Providing related-topic links for Help systems

§7.7 Jumping to secondary windows in Help systems

§7.8 Creating pop-up topics for Help systems

§7.9 Including expandable sections in Help topics

§7.10 Setting up Context Sensitive Help (CSH)

§7.11 Setting up a dynamic modular Help system

For strategies and configuration settings that are specific to a particular Help system, see the following:

§8 Generating WinHelp

§9 Generating Microsoft HTML Help

§10 Generating OmniHelp

§11 Generating JavaHelp or Oracle Help

§12 Generating Eclipse Help

> 7 Producing on-line Help