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> 9 Generating Microsoft HTML Help

9 Generating Microsoft HTML Help

This section addresses issues that are specific to creating Microsoft HTML Help. HTML settings described in section 13 and sections 18 through 34 apply also. Topics include:

§9.1 Understanding how Mif2Go produces HTML Help

§9.2 Understanding why Unicode is not the answer

§9.3 Setting up an HTML Help project

§9.4 Customizing HTML Help display features

§9.5 Creating pop-ups for HTML Help

§9.6 Creating links and hypertext jumps in HTML Help

§9.7 Creating related-topic links for HTML Help

§9.8 Using secondary windows in HTML Help

§9.9 Generating contents and index for HTML Help

§9.10 Converting generated files for HTML Help

§9.11 Providing full-text search (FTS) for HTML Help

§9.12 Setting up CSH for HTML Help

§9.13 Generating HTML Help in non-Western languages

§9.14 Compiling and testing HTML Help

§9.15 Mapping and merging CHM files

See also:

§7 Producing on-line Help

To determine which configuration settings will produce the appearance and functionality you want, see also:

§13 Converting to HTML/XHTML

§18 Splitting and extracting files

§21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML

§22 Setting up CSS for HTML

§23 Including graphics in HTML

§24 Converting tables to HTML

For more information about HTML Help, see the Microsoft HTML Help home page, accessible through the Microsoft Library:

> 9 Generating Microsoft HTML Help