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Mif2Go User's Guide, Version 55


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> 13 Converting to HTML/XHTML

13 Converting to HTML/XHTML

This section shows how to set options in your HTML project configuration file. Unless otherwise indicated, settings for HTML apply also to XHTML and to HTML-based Help systems. Topics include:

§13.1 Deciding which type of output to produce

§13.2 Setting up an HTML project

§13.3 Including starting code and entity references

§13.4 Supplying values for the <head> element

§13.5 Specifying HTML <body> attributes

§13.6 Specifying document-wide properties for HTML

§13.7 Defining and mapping colors for HTML

§13.7 Defining and mapping colors for HTML

§13.8 Converting generated files for HTML

§13.9 Importing HTML files as insets

§13.10 Converting conditions to HTML attributes

§13.11 Providing hover text for terms in HTML

§13.12 Generating XHTML for Confluence 4.x

§13.13 Exporting content for database input

§13.14 Using framesets

§13.15 Adding a “Made with Mif2Go” label or button

§13.16 Passing W3C validation tests

See also:

HTML-based help

§7 Producing on-line Help, if you plan to generate a Help system.

Generic XML

§14 Converting to generic XML, for settings specific to XML (but not DITA or DocBook XML).


§15 Converting to DITA XML.

DocBook XML

§17 Converting to DocBook XML.

File splitting

§18 Splitting and extracting files for settings that govern the subdivision of a FrameMaker document into HTML topic files.


§19 Creating HTML links and §20 Providing navigation in HTML for ways to create navigation links.


§21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML for settings that map paragraph and character formats to HTML elements, and that position graphics and equations.


§22 Setting up CSS for HTML if you plan to use CSS.


§23 Including graphics in HTML for ways to convert graphics and equations, and specify image properties.


§24 Converting tables to HTML for ways to specify table structure and display properties.

WAI markup

§25 Generating WAI markup for HTML for ways to add WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) attributes to tables, images, and links.


§28 Working with macros for ways to use Mif2Go macros.

Markers for markup

§29 Working with FrameMaker markers for ways to use FrameMaker markers to include HTML code and Mif2Go directives in your FrameMaker document.

> 13 Converting to HTML/XHTML