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> 21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML

21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML

This section shows how to assign HTML elements to FrameMaker paragraph and character formats. Topics include:

§21.1 Understanding how Mif2Go converts text

§21.2 Choosing how to map formats

§21.3 Mapping paragraph formats

§21.4 Mapping character formats

§21.5 Assigning properties to text formats

§21.6 Mapping special characters

§21.7 Mapping fonts

§21.7 Mapping fonts

§21.8 Managing typographic elements for HTML or XML

§21.9 Specifying text colors for HTML

§21.10 Configuring preformatted text for HTML/XML

§21.11 Converting footnotes to HTML or XML

§21.12 Converting list formats to HTML

See also:

§22 Setting up CSS for HTML

> 21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML