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21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML > 21.3 Mapping paragraph formats

21.3 Mapping paragraph formats

By default, if you do not explicitly map FrameMaker formats to HTML tags, Mif2Go does the following:

Uses <p> as the tag for all paragraph formats.

Treats all character formats as overrides.

Creates tags for all format properties, including overrides.

Converts all tag names to valid CSS names, without spaces or non-alphanumeric characters, leading digits, or accented characters (the latter become unaccented).

This might be adequate, especially if you are using CSS. However, you might want your headings to come out with <hn> styles, your emphasized text to be tagged <em>, and your lists to become real HTML indented lists, without requiring CSS.

In this section:

§21.3.1 Assigning HTML tags and attributes to paragraph formats

§21.3.2 Converting sidehead and run-in paragraph formats

§21.3.4 Including text-frame content in line

§21.3.5 Designating script paragraph formats

§21.3.6 Stripping paragraph properties

§21.3.7 Keeping or removing reference frames

§21.3.8 Deciding how to treat forced returns

§21.3.9 Providing content for empty paragraphs

§21.3.10 Eliminating empty paragraphs in text

§21.3.11 Eliminating invisible paragraphs

§21.3.12 Eliminating unwanted paragraphs

See also:

§21.10 Configuring preformatted text for HTML/XML

§21.11 Converting footnotes to HTML or XML

§21.12 Converting list formats to HTML

21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML > 21.3 Mapping paragraph formats