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21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML > 21.3 Mapping paragraph formats > 21.3.6 Stripping paragraph properties

21.3.6 Stripping paragraph properties

You can designate text in your FrameMaker document that you do not want fully converted to HTML. For example, you can include material pre-written in HTML, and direct Mif2Go to insert the material as is in the HTML output. Create a special paragraph format to use only for this purpose, and assign to it one of the following properties:


; para format = keywords for functions and properties

; Comment makes the element a comment, replacing the para tags,

; unless ParaStyle is "script", then the comment is in the tags

; NoTags suppresses any attributes for the para tag, and suppresses

; any tags within

; NoPara eliminates the para tags only, to be provided in a macro

; NoWrap suppresses \n line breaks and preserves leading spaces

; Raw acts like NoTags, and also eliminates the para tags entirely

; It is used to put macro inclusions in between document elements


Use Comment to cause a paragraph to appear only as a comment in the generated HTML source code. Mif2Go substitutes <!-- and --> tags for the <p> and </p> tags, unless you have also assigned a script tag to the paragraph format in [ParaTags]; see §21.3.5 Designating script paragraph formats.


Use NoTags to suppress all tags between <p> and </p> (such as <font>, <b>, <i>, and so forth) in the generated HTML for the paragraph. Only the <p> tags themselves and the paragraph content are included in the output.


Use NoPara to suppress only the <p> tags in the output. You might want to do this when either of the following is true:

The paragraph will be part of a Mif2Go macro that already supplies <p> ... </p>.

You are generating XML instead of HTML; see §14.4.3 Eliminating HTML attributes and tags for generic XML. If you are producing DITA XML output, also see § Omitting element tags for selected paragraph formats.


Use NoWrap to suppress \n line breaks and preserve leading spaces in preformatted text. This property has the same effect as [HTMLOptions]NoWrap, but applied at the paragraph format level; see §13.6.4 Suppressing line breaks in HTML and XML output.


Use Raw to insert straight HTML code wherever you want it to appear in your document. Mif2Go embeds the content of the paragraph in the output without generating HTML tags, and without processing any macro invocations the content might include.

21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML > 21.3 Mapping paragraph formats > 21.3.6 Stripping paragraph properties