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> 24 Converting tables to HTML

24 Converting tables to HTML

HTML tables are rendered quite differently from FrameMaker tables. Mif2Go correctly renders table cells that span rows or columns, and skips rows that are conditioned out.

Topics include:

§24.1 Assigning properties to tables

§24.2 Defining sets of tables

§24.3 Specifying table structure

§24.4 Specifying table attributes

§24.5 Positioning tables, table titles, and table footnotes

§24.6 Using macros to control table properties

§24.7 Converting tables to paragraphs

Mif2Go supports WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) markup for HTML tables; see:

§25 Generating WAI markup for HTML

§26 Identifying HTML table structure for WAI

§27 Marking HTML table cells for WAI

> 24 Converting tables to HTML