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23 Including graphics in HTML > 23.12 Converting equations for HTML

23.12 Converting equations for HTML

Mif2Go uses the FrameMaker graphics export filters to convert equations, even if your project does not use those filters to convert other graphics for HTML. Mif2Go produces equation files named the same way as other graphics files; see § Naming files produced by FrameMaker export filters.

The same export format is used for all equations; the default format for HTML output is JPEG:




Mif2Go scales equations up 25%, making them easy to read, but not so big as to interfere with the layout:


; EquationExportDPI = number (from 50 to 1200, default 120)


; EquationFrameExpand = percentage of original size (default 125)


To specify the file extension to use for exported graphic equation files:


; EqSuffix = suffix used by Frame for equation files (no period)


You need to specify an extension only if you also set the following option:



See §5.9 Converting equations for more information.


23 Including graphics in HTML > 23.12 Converting equations for HTML