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> 23 Including graphics in HTML

23 Including graphics in HTML

This section shows which graphic formats to use, and which configuration options to specify, for appropriate image and equation display in HTML, XML, and HTML-based Help. Topics include:

§23.1 Starting with default graphics options

§23.2 Understanding graphics processing for HTML

§23.3 Locating graphics files for HTML

§23.4 Specifying options for HTML graphics

§23.5 Selecting and modifying graphics

§23.6 Positioning graphics in HTML output

§23.7 Specifying HTML image attributes

§23.8 Providing (or omitting) alternate text for images

§23.9 Scaling images for HTML

§23.10 Creating image maps for HTML

§23.11 Supplying a background image or watermark

§23.12 Converting equations for HTML

See also:

§31 Working with graphics

> 23 Including graphics in HTML