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> 15 Converting to DITA XML

15 Converting to DITA XML

Mif2Go generates topics and maps for DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) XML output, converted from either structured or unstructured FrameMaker documents. This section shows how to configure DITA-specific options. Topics include:

§15.1 Generating DITA XML with Mif2Go

§15.2 Setting up a DITA XML project

§15.3 Specifying general options for DITA

§15.4 Configuring DITA elements

§15.5 Nesting DITA block elements

§15.4 Configuring DITA elements

§15.5 Nesting DITA block elements

§15.6 Converting tables to DITA XML

§15.7 Specifying options for images in DITA XML

§15.8 Organizing DITA topics

§15.9 Configuring DITA topics

§15.10 Configuring cross references and links for DITA

§15.11 Exporting FrameMaker variables to DITA XML

§15.12 Converting conditions to DITA attributes

§15.13 Marking FrameMaker text insets in DITA

§15.14 Including CSH targets in DITA XML

§15.15 Overriding DITA settings with markers

See also:

§16 Configuring DITA maps

§32 Working with content models

> 15 Converting to DITA XML