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> 32 Working with content models

32 Working with content models

Mif2Go provides built-in configurations for content models for DITA and DocBook. This section shows how to modify or replace a built-in content model, or generate a new content model from a valid DITA or DocBook DTD (Document Type Definition). Topics include:

§32.1 Understanding Mif2Go content models

§32.2 Modifying or replacing a content model

§32.3 Preparing a content model for use with Mif2Go

§32.4 Understanding content-model configurations

§32.5 Understanding how Mif2Go uses content models

§32.6 Inspecting and correcting element types

§32.7 Specializing or modifying DITA topic types

§32.8 Extracting content-model debug information

See also:

§15 Converting to DITA XML

§17 Converting to DocBook XML

§F Content model configuration

> 32 Working with content models