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> 16 Configuring DITA maps

16 Configuring DITA maps

Mif2Go creates maps for DITA projects, from both structured and unstructured FrameMaker documents. This section shows how to configure DITA maps and optionally construct a DITA bookmap. Topics include:

§16.1 Understanding how Mif2Go generates DITA maps

§16.2 Configuring DITA ditamaps

§16.3 Constructing a DITA bookmap

§16.4 Mapping FrameMaker files to bookmap components

§16.5 Providing attributes for bookmap wrapper elements

§16.6 Overriding DITA map settings with markers

See also:

§15 Converting to DITA XML

§32 Working with content models

> 16 Configuring DITA maps