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> 28 Working with macros

28 Working with macros

You can use macros to insert any content into the output stream. Because the Mif2Go macro language is Turing-complete, the Mif2Go macro facility is powerful enough to let you insert anything in RTF output, and do almost anything to HTML or XML output. Topics include:

§28.1 Defining and invoking macros

§28.2 Accessing Mif2Go macro libraries

§28.3 Using macro variables

§28.4 Using multiple-value list variables

§28.5 Accessing settings with configuration macros

§28.6 Using expressions in macros

§28.7 Passing a parameter to a macro

§28.8 Debugging macros

§28.9 Deploying macros and macro variables

§28.10 Using macros to fine-tune HTML or XML output

See also:

§33.2.3 Overriding settings with macros

> 28 Working with macros