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> 14 Converting to generic XML

14 Converting to generic XML

XML emphasizes document structure rather than presentation. This section shows how to generate generic XML tags and how to set XML-specific options in your project configuration file. If you are converting to DITA XML or to DocBook XML, consult one of the following sections instead:

§15 Converting to DITA XML

§17 Converting to DocBook XML

Topics for generic XML include:

§14.1 Understanding how Mif2Go generates XML output

§14.2 Setting up a generic XML project

§14.3 Specifying generic XML output settings

§14.4 Providing XML tags and structure

§14.5 Converting FrameMaker lists to generic XML

§14.6 Configuring links for generic XML

§14.7 Converting graphics for generic XML

§14.8 Converting index entries to generic XML

Check the W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition) recommendation for information about XML:

> 14 Converting to generic XML