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14 Converting to generic XML > 14.6 Configuring links for generic XML

14.6 Configuring links for generic XML

There is no standard way to represent links in XML. Configure links whatever way your DTD or schema says; anything “well formed” is valid. See W3C XML Pointer, XML Base and XML Linking for more information:

To configure links for DocBook XML, see §17.3.3 Configuring links for DocBook XML. To configure links for DITA XML, see §15.10 Configuring cross references and links for DITA.

To manage links and cross references in generic XML:


; These are mainly intended for making links for Generic XML use:

; RemoveANames = No (default) or Yes (eliminate <a name=...> tags)

; RemoveATags = No (default) or Yes (eliminate <a href=...> tags)

; RemoveAHrefAttrs = No (default)

; or Yes (remove href attrs, keep tags)

; XMLLinkAttrs = No (default)

;  or Yes to add attrs to <a href=...> tags:

; xml:link="simple" show="replace" actuate="user" class="url"


; ATagElement = tag to use for all link elements, default is "a"

;  except for DITA, where it is "xref"


; HrefAttribute = name to use for link source attr, default href


; UseHash = Yes (default, start local hrefs with #) or No


; UseUlink = No (default, use ATagName for URLs) or Yes (use

; ulink for URLs, and url as the HrefAttribute within them)


; RemoveXrefHotspots = No (default) or Yes (remove hotspot text for

; xrefs and hyperlinks to Frame files, retain it for external URLs)


; UseListedXrefFilesOnly = No (default) or Yes (consider any xref

; target files not listed in [XrefFiles] to refer to the current

;  file.) This suppresses filenames for DocBook where files are in the

;  same DocBook book; files not in the book must be listed in

;  [XrefFiles].


Page numbers

Mif2Go retains page numbers from your FrameMaker document as targets for hypertext gotopage jumps.

See also:

§15.10 Configuring cross references and links for DITA

§17.3.3 Configuring links for DocBook XML

§19.2.6 Forcing link text to lowercase

14 Converting to generic XML > 14.6 Configuring links for generic XML