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> 8 Generating WinHelp

8 Generating WinHelp

Mif2Go produces RTF topic files, CNT (contents) files, and WMF graphics files for WinHelp. Most format conversion options are the same as for print RTF. This section addresses issues that are specific to WinHelp. Topics covered:

§8.1 Obtaining tools for WinHelp

§8.2 Setting up a WinHelp project

§8.3 Converting text

§8.4 Converting cross references

§8.5 Converting tables to WinHelp RTF

§8.6 Managing graphics for WinHelp

§8.7 Converting generated files for WinHelp

§8.8 Configuring WinHelp topics

§8.9 Creating jumps and pop-ups for WinHelp

§8.10 Invoking WinHelp macros

§8.11 Creating related-topic links in WinHelp

§8.12 Configuring index entries for WinHelp

§8.13 Configuring contents for WinHelp

§8.14 Creating browse sequences

See also:

§6 Converting to print RTF, for information about settings that work the same way for print RTF and for WinHelp.

§7 Producing on-line Help, for information about configuring contents and index, providing related-topics links, supporting context-sensitive help, and merging help projects.

> 8 Generating WinHelp