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8 Generating WinHelp > 8.1 Obtaining tools for WinHelp

8.1 Obtaining tools for WinHelp

To generate WinHelp you need Microsoft Help Workshop, hcw.exe. However, this program is no longer available. If you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Help Workshop was reportedly included in that version. If you do not have access to Help Workshop, you must choose a Help output type other than WinHelp; see §7.1 Weighing Help-system alternatives.

To view WinHelp, users with systems running Windows Vista or Windows 7 will have to download a new WinHelp engine from Microsoft: 


Windows Vista:

Windows 7:

Note:  The WinHelp engine, winhlp32.exe, cannot be distributed by third parties, so do not include it when you distribute a WinHelp system. Every installation of winhlp32.exe requires Microsoft validation.

8 Generating WinHelp > 8.1 Obtaining tools for WinHelp