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> 6 Converting to print RTF

6 Converting to print RTF

This section shows you how to specify options for converting to Microsoft Word, or to WordPerfect; most settings apply to both. The RTF produced for Word can also be viewed in OpenOffice and StarOffice. Topics include:

§6.1 Converting to Word: a one-way street

§6.2 Setting up a print RTF project

§6.3 Adjusting output for different versions of Word

§6.4 Converting a FrameMaker book to print RTF

§6.5 Specifying document layout options

§6.6 Converting system variables to text for RTF

§6.7 Converting paragraph and character formats

§6.8 Converting tabs and spaces

§6.9 Specifying font usage

§6.10 Modifying text appearance

§6.11 Converting cross references and hypertext links

§6.12 Converting generated files to print RTF

§6.13 Converting tables to print RTF

§6.14 Managing graphics for print RTF

§6.15 Including RTF code for Word output

§6.16 Turning on revision tracking in Word

§6.17 Managing Word output after conversion

§6.18 Converting to OpenOffice or StarOffice

See also:

§2.2 Naming FrameMaker formats, for usages to avoid in your FrameMaker document.

If you are creating WinHelp, see:

§7 Producing on-line Help

§8 Generating WinHelp

You must use a separate project directory and separate configuration files for WinHelp; Word and WinHelp RTF files are not compatible.

> 6 Converting to print RTF