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5 Setting basic conversion options > 5.11 Repurposing FrameMaker markers

5.11 Repurposing FrameMaker markers

You can reuse the content of most FrameMaker markers, and also make new custom marker types, by remapping a marker type to one or more other marker types. See §29 Working with FrameMaker markers for more information.

The standard FrameMaker marker types are as follows:  




Conditional Text (cannot be cloned or redefined)




Header/Footer $1

Header/Footer $2

HTML Macro




Any marker name not listed here is the name of a custom marker type.

Many custom marker types have predefined effects

Because many marker types have a dedicated purpose or require specific content, you must be careful about remapping to custom marker types. Table 29-1 lists the custom marker types predefined for Mif2Go conversions. For example, if you expect to convert your FrameMaker document to any HTML output type, do not try to remap to marker types that are predefined for WAI support; see §34.1.2 Using markers to add links and instructions.

To remap a marker type to one or more other marker types:


; marker type name = one or more marker type names

FM_Marker = OtherMarker AnotherMarker ...

The original marker type is no longer in effect after remapping, unless you remap it to itself.

You must observe the following restrictions:

The Conditional Text marker type cannot be remapped.

Names of marker types you are remapping to (names to the right of the = sign) may not contain spaces or commas (those to the left of the = may contain spaces and commas).

You can remap any marker type (except Conditional Text) to:

one or more existing or predefined marker types

any new marker type(s) you name to the right of the = sign.

For example, to add all FrameMaker Subject markers to the index, and also clone them as ALink markers for their help topics (custom marker type ALink is predefined by Mif2Go):


Subject = Index ALink

You can also remap most of the Hypertext subtypes; see §29.3 Remapping marker types and hypertext commands.


5 Setting basic conversion options > 5.11 Repurposing FrameMaker markers