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> 5 Setting basic conversion options

5 Setting basic conversion options

This section explains how to use basic Mif2Go configuration settings to convert documents from FrameMaker to other representations. Topics include:

§5.1 Specifying operating settings

§5.2 Logging conversion events

§5.3 Identifying files and objects

§5.4 Applying FrameMaker conditions and variables

§5.5 Converting FrameMaker-generated files

§5.6 Generating/updating before converting

§5.7 Processing graphics

§5.8 Converting structured documents

§5.9 Converting equations

§5.10 Creating hotspots for hypertext links

§5.11 Repurposing FrameMaker markers

Print RTF

For additional settings specific to print RTF, see:

§6 Converting to print RTF

Help systems

For additional settings specific to on-line Help, see:

§7 Producing on-line Help through

§12 Generating Eclipse Help


For additional settings specific to HTML and XML, see:

§13 Converting to HTML/XHTML through

§27 Marking HTML table cells for WAI


For additional settings specific to graphics conversion, see:

§31 Working with graphics

> 5 Setting basic conversion options