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7 Producing on-line Help > 7.11 Setting up a dynamic modular Help system

7.11 Setting up a dynamic modular Help system

Suppose you are providing Help for a product with several optional modules, and you want to supply each customer with information only about the modules licensed by that customer. Or, suppose a user decides not to install a module, or adds a new module later. Or, suppose you have created reusable Help modules that can be incorporated into any of a number of main Help systems, such as “Help on Help”.

Any Help system that Mif2Go generates can be made to access more than one module, yet appear to the user as a single unit. The user accesses a single Help file, and sees integrated contents, index, and related-topic links, containing information only for the relevant modules. Additional modules are loaded dynamically, when a user clicks a Contents, Index, Related Topics, or Search entry that references a separate module.

Methods and configuration settings vary according to which type of Help system you are generating. See the following for more information:


Help system



§8.2.11 Providing multiple .hlp files


§9.15 Mapping and merging CHM files


§10.12 Merging OmniHelp projects

JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java

§11.11 Merging JavaHelp or Oracle Help systems

Eclipse Help

§12.6 Merging Eclipse Help projects


7 Producing on-line Help > 7.11 Setting up a dynamic modular Help system