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3 Converting a book or document > 3.3 Creating a Mif2Go conversion project

3.3 Creating a Mif2Go conversion project

Mif2Go stores project information in a file that has the same base name as your FrameMaker document, with extension .prj. This project file is located in the same directory as your FrameMaker document.

To specify a conversion project, from the document or book file click one of the two Mif2Go options on the FrameMaker File menu:

Set Up Mif2Go Export... to create a new project

Save Using Mif2Go... to modify or re-run an existing project.

The Mif2Go Choose Project dialog shown in Figure 3-1 opens.

Figure 3-1 Choose Project dialog

Choose Project dialog



Give your project a unique name, or select an existing project from the list. The default name for a new project is the base name of your FrameMaker book or document file. Your project list is kept in a file with extension .prj, located in the same directory as your FrameMaker files.


Select or create a project directory for the converted files. Browse (...) for the directory where you want Mif2Go to place output files, or create a new directory. For best results, specify a directory immediately under the directory where your FrameMaker document is located. If you plan to convert the same document to several different output types, create a separate project directory for each.


Select an output type from the list.


Start the Mif2Go Configuration Manager to access the configuration files your project references. See§4.2 Editing files with the Configuration Manager.


To add a new project, click Add. When you click OK, the project is added to your project list.


To change the name, directory, or format of an existing project, click Modify. When you click OK, information for the currently displayed project is changed in your project list.


To delete the currently displayed project, click Delete. When you click OK, all information for the project is removed from your project list.


To see this information in HTML Help while you are working, with Mif2Go file %OMSYSHOME%\m2g\usersguide\ugmif2go.chm open (see §1.3.3 Install Mif2Go), click Huh?


To save changes you made to the currently displayed project, Click OK. The Choose Project dialog is dismissed.



To discard current changes, click Cancel; you lose any additions and changes you just made. You might want to do this if you accidentally delete the wrong project, and realize it before you click OK.

Proceed with the conversion

What happens after you dismiss the Choose Project dialog depends on whether you are creating a new conversion project or modifying an existing project:

New project:

If this is a new project (no project configuration file is present in the project directory), you get a one-time opportunity to specify set-up options. See §3.4 Choosing project set-up options.

Existing project:

If this is an existing project (a project configuration file is already present in the project directory), you must use a text editor to modify conversion settings.

3 Converting a book or document > 3.3 Creating a Mif2Go conversion project