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19 Creating HTML links > 19.7 Linking to external destinations

19.7 Linking to external destinations

To include a link in your FrameMaker document to a Web site, to a PDF file, or to some other destination, use a hypertext “message” command. Mif2Go produces HTML links from hypertext markers in your document that contain the following types of hypertext “message” commands (see §34.1.2 Using markers to add links and instructions):

message URL

message openfile

To specify a target for a message URL link (for example, _blank):


; URLTarget = name of target to use for all message URL links unless

;  otherwise set, default none


To specify an email address:


When a message openfile link specifies an absolute path (which must start with a drive letter), Mif2Go prefixes the path with “file:///”. For example:

message openfile file:///g:/omnisys/ug/out/ugmif2go.pdf

For a relative path, Mif2Go includes just the text of the destination. For example:

message openfile ../out/ugmif2go.pdf

Other hypertext “message” commands do not work in HTML, so Mif2Go treats them as hypertext alerts instead, to bring them to your attention; when you click such a link an “alert” window pops up that displays the contents of the marker as entered in FrameMaker.


19 Creating HTML links > 19.7 Linking to external destinations