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1 Getting started with Mif2Go > 1.5 How Mif2Go works

1.5 How Mif2Go works

To convert FrameMaker documents, Mif2Go first saves the document files as MIF (Maker Interchange Format) files, then passes the MIF through an input filter to produce intermediate DCL (Document Coding Language) files, then passes the DCL files through an output filter to produce the final output type. Figure 1-1 shows the main features of this process. Mif2Go deletes the intermediate DCL files after completing the conversion.

Figure 1-1 Mif2Go conversion process

Mif2Go conversion process diagram


File placement

Mif2Go places a project file and a FileID file in the same directory as your FrameMaker document, and a project configuration file and other conversion files in whatever directory you specify for the output; see §C.2 Identifying conversion files.

If you subsequently move your document, project, and FileID files to another directory, Mif2Go still expects to find the FileID file in the original location; this is because the configuration file contains an absolute (full path) reference to the location of the FileID file at the time the project was created. If Mif2Go does not find a FileID file in the original directory, Mif2Go creates a new FileID file in that directory.

Conversion template

If you use a FrameMaker conversion template (see §2.4 Importing formats from a conversion template) and experiment with conversion settings, you can produce output that needs no further editing, without altering your original FrameMaker document.

Evaluation version

The evaluation version of Mif2Go works identically to the shipping version, with one small exception: the evaluation version randomly modifies about 10% of the text in your document to ensure that it is used for evaluation only, per the evaluation license. No changes are made to the Windows Registry, and there are no time or size limits. Graphics are not modified at all.

1 Getting started with Mif2Go > 1.5 How Mif2Go works