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Mif2Go User's Guide, Version 55


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Mif2Go User’s Guide 

for Mif2Go Version 4.1, Update 55
May 15, 2013



§ Contents

§ Figures

§ Tables

How to set up and use Mif2Go

§ About this guide

§1 Getting started with Mif2Go

§2 Planning a conversion project

§3 Converting a book or document

§4 Editing configuration files

§5 Setting basic conversion options

Configuring print RTF output

§6 Converting to print RTF

Configuring on-line Help output

§7 Producing on-line Help

§8 Generating WinHelp

§9 Generating Microsoft HTML Help

§10 Generating OmniHelp

§11 Generating JavaHelp or Oracle Help

§12 Generating Eclipse Help

Configuring HTML/XML output

§13 Converting to HTML/XHTML

§14 Converting to generic XML

§15 Converting to DITA XML

§16 Configuring DITA maps

§17 Converting to DocBook XML

§18 Splitting and extracting files

§19 Creating HTML links

§20 Providing navigation in HTML

§21 Mapping text formats to HTML/XML

§22 Setting up CSS for HTML

§23 Including graphics in HTML

§24 Converting tables to HTML

Web Accessibility Initiative

§25 Generating WAI markup for HTML

§26 Identifying HTML table structure for WAI

§27 Marking HTML table cells for WAI

Advanced topics

§28 Working with macros

§29 Working with FrameMaker markers

§30 Working with templates

§31 Working with graphics

§32 Working with content models

§33 Overriding configuration settings

Project workflow

§34 Automating Mif2Go conversions

§35 Producing deliverable results

§36 Converting via runfm

§37 Converting via DCL

§38 Generating intermediate output


§A WAI marker library for HTML

§B Distribution files

§C Document and conversion files

§D Technical support for Mif2Go

§E DITA <bookmeta> template

§F Content model configuration


§ RTF keyword index

§ HTML/XML keyword index

§ Subject index


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