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We've kept the license for Mif2Go very simple. This is the whole thing:

License for Standard version of DCL Mif2Go filter to run under Windows NT/9x/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7/8:

You are granted an unlimited, royalty-free nonexclusive license to use (but not to resell or redistribute) the subject software in perpetuity. You may make whatever number of copies are required for convenient use and for archiving and backup purposes.

Open Source OmniHelp

OmniHelp (OH) is a free Open Source LGPL cross-platform, cross-browser tri-pane Help viewer. It's the only one we know of that is not locked by licensing to a proprietary help-creation tool. Anyone can implement it with our blessings. The project is hosted on SourceForge.

For previously-licensed Mif2Go users...

Yes, this really is the address you were given for downloads when you purchased Mif2Go. But we have a whole new Web site for Mif2Go, and a new method of verifying access for registered users.

Omni Systems is closed

Jeremy H. Griffith, the founder of Omni Systems, passed away in 2014. Mif2Go is still available for download, at no charge. As Jeremy wished, the source code will be made available on SourceForge for further development.

Thank you for your interest in Mif2Go.

Pricing for Mif2Go

We want to make Mif2Go affordable for everyone who needs it, especially in this challenging economic environment. So we have priced it at the minimum consistent with providing quality support and enhancements. While other commercial products that support FrameMaker input start at $895 and go up from there (way up), we have priced Mif2Go at only $US 295, including full email support and all upgrades for the first year. After that, continuing support and upgrades are only $75 per year, an order of magnitude less than other commercial options.

Mif2Go Downloads

The following downloads are publicly available:

  • User's Guide in several formats, including FrameMaker source with all configuration files.
  • Mif2Go software, including configuration files and demonstration projects.

Mif2Go converts FrameMaker files to HTML/XML, Help, and Word

Mif2Go is a plugin for FrameMaker that provides for export of FrameMaker content to numerous output formats. These include HTML, XHTML, XML, DocBook, and DITA, plus Word RTF and several on-line Help formats. The Help formats are Microsoft HTML Help, Eclipse Help, Sun's JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java, WinHelp 4, and Open Source cross-platform cross-browser OmniHelp, which is hosted on SourceForge.

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