For previously-licensed Mif2Go users...

Yes, this really is the address you were given for downloads when you purchased Mif2Go. But we have a whole new Web site for Mif2Go, and a new method of verifying access for registered users.

The first step is to register for the site, which is free. That gives you access to the User's Guide and the Demo version for Mif2Go, as soon as we determine you are not a spammer. We determine that by looking at your Bio entry. So what you need to do is give your current username/password combination in the bio. This is not a security problem because they no longer access anything; it just helps us identify you. If the email you are using now is not the one you used when you purchased, give us the purchase email too in the bio. We'll remove those items from your bio after we check them.

Once we verify your status in our (off-line) database, we'll set your permissions on this site. At this point, you are an "authenticated user". If you signed up under our free offer, you are a "free user". If your support/upgrades status is current (expiration date not passed), you are a "registered user". And you may also be a "lifetime user" in recognition of special service to the community.

If your username is past the expiration date, you are an "expired user", and will need to renew to obtain access to the current registered version. You can renew any time before or after expiration, but the renewal always starts with the last expiration date. If you expired more than three years ago, it is less expensive to purchase a new copy than to renew. Links for ordering and renewing are in the menu to your left after you log in.

Thanks again for choosing Mif2Go!