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8 Generating WinHelp > 8.3 Converting text > 8.3.7 Converting footnotes

8.3.7 Converting footnotes

Mif2Go can convert a FrameMaker footnote to a WinHelp jump (the default) or to a WinHelp pop-up, instead of leaving it as a footnote:



The footnote number is a hotspot; click it, and you jump to the footnote, which is placed at the bottom of the topic. You can also view the footnote by scrolling to the bottom of the page; if the topic is short, you might not need to scroll.


The footnote appears in a pop-up window by itself when you click the footnote number; it does not appear on the topic page at all. This might be desirable in long tables, to give added bits of information for selected items without scrolling.

The default is to convert footnotes to jumps. You can also specify that footnotes should remain as is, or appear embedded in the text between brackets in place of the footnote number:


; Footnotes = Standard, Embed (between []), Jump, Popup, or None

; default is Jump, which looks more normal than Popup


To separate footnotes from text at the end of the topic when Footnotes=Standard:


; FootnoteSeparator = RTF to use for separator above footnotes at the

; bottom of the page, can be a macro reference, default none


This setting must be all on one line, even though it might not appear that way here.

8 Generating WinHelp > 8.3 Converting text > 8.3.7 Converting footnotes