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12 Generating Eclipse Help > 12.8 Packaging Eclipse Help files

12.8 Packaging Eclipse Help files

Eclipse Help allows you to deploy your HTML topic files (but not the XML files) in a ZIP file called, or XML and HTML files in a JAR file called doc.jar. Although packaging for topic files is not required for Eclipse Help, it is recommended.

Mif2Go provides ZIP packaging, if you provide a ZIP program (such as pkzip.exe or WinZip command-line add-on wzzip.exe) and specify the command and parameters required to execute the program.

Mif2Go can provide JAR packaging, if you provide the Java jar.exe program and its environment variables, and specify the jar command and parameters.

In this section:

§12.8.1 Specifying a ZIP command for

§12.8.2 Specifying ZIP command parameters

§12.8.3 Specifying a JAR command for doc.jar

§12.8.4 Monitoring the packaging step for errors

§12.8.5 Archiving Eclipse Help files

See also:

§7.2.4 Compiling and distributing Help systems

§35.6 Assembling files for distribution

12 Generating Eclipse Help > 12.8 Packaging Eclipse Help files