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Mif2Go User's Guide, Version 55


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PDF edition

The PDF edition of the Mif2Go User's Guide is:

intended for duplex printing (using both sides of the paper).

sized to fit either US Letter or A4 size paper.

Word edition

The Microsoft Word edition of the Mif2Go User's Guide consists of separate RTF chapter files optimized for Word 2000, with active cross references and hypertext links. To make this edition viewable in other versions of Word, see §6.17.1 Supporting more than one version of Word.

HTML and XHTML editions

The OmniHelp edition of the Mif2Go User's Guide has been tested with the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 9.x

Mozilla Firefox 16.x

Opera 12.x

Google Chrome 26.x

The XHTML edition works poorly with Mozilla browsers when viewed locally; furthermore, these browsers ignore CSS entirely when the XHTML edition is viewed on the Web.

HTML and XHTML editions have an overview TOC on the opening page, a detailed TOC next, and several indexes at the end. These navigation features were created in FrameMaker and implemented with settings in Mif2Go configuration files. The navigation tables and breadcrumb links at top and bottom of each text page were produced automatically with Mif2Go macros.

DITA and DocBook editions

The DITA and DocBook editions have not been validated. These editions are provided primarily as demonstrations; their structure has not been made to conform to architectural conventions or best practices.

Source files

The Mif2Go User's Guide is an unstructured FrameMaker version 8.0 document,. The FrameMaker source files in include path information. You can download this archive from Omni Systems:

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About this guide > Colophon